How To Make Your Impression While Talking With Strangers

How To Make Your Impression While Talking With Strangers

If they appear uncomfortable, then give them space and slow down.
Practice smiling and saying "Hello" with every stranger you meet. You will be surprised how many people respond positively. This will build your comfort level and help you be more relaxed. And you may make more new friends in this process.

Remember what they say, and refer to it next time you talk to them. That will show you paid attention.

As you get to know someone, they become more comfortable with you. The secret is to never push their comfort level.
Never ask about too personal information, like their crush, or they may feel uncomfortable when speaking to you.

the person you are talking to is probably shy, too.

Don't take it personally if the individual is arrogant, sarcastic, immature, or otherwise rude in his/her initial reply. This is a sign of emotional immaturity and is usually a maladaptive defense mechanism. Confident, self-actualized people will always remain polite yet assertive even when approached by someone they don't have the least bit of interest in talking to. Simply laugh it off as if they told a joke and move on, paying them no more attention. They didn't tell a joke, of course they were the joke.
If you disagree with it violently, be careful to avoid the subject or be patient and agree to disagree if they bring it up.

If they are already speaking with somebody else, consider whether they would want you to break in to that conversation. Generally, if people are standing in a closed circle or making direct eye contact, the group is not ready to welcome newcomers. If they stand with a space in the circle, that is usually an invitation for others to join the group.
Be calm when communicating; take a deep breath before walking up to the person you want to speak with.

Pay attention to their body language.Some people are shy and may not want to talk to you. People like this do not mean to be rude and you should not take it wrongly they are just afraid of talking to strangers.
Don't hesitate before you approach, either do it casually or move on. It comes off very creepy to have somebody eyeballing you for several minutes before they walk over.

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