How TO Make Girls Accept Facebook Friend Requests

How TO Make Girls Accept Facebook Friend Requests

Sometime it is a big trouble for guys that the girls are not responding their friend request on FB make this thing possible boys has to understand what exactly girls is some points which definetly help all the boys.....

#1 Use A Clear Profile Picture: Yes, use a clear display picture of yours.It doesn’t count whether you look handsome or ugly.Recommended to use your own photo, so that she won’t consider it as a fake profile.

Some guys think they have smart as and they use a female profile picture in order to get accepted. Believe me,it’s a bad try.You won’t stay in her friends list for long.Girls beware of them!

#2 Validate Profile: If you leave your profile blank, then it looks like a fake profile, as if someone created an account urgently. Fill all the relevant information. Use Facebook Vanity URL for your Profile.

Make Of “Mutual Friends” – They Help A Lot!

#3 – Increase Mutual Friends To earn some trust, you should have good number of mutual friends.Find some users who are related to your niche or interests in her friends list. Add them.
#4- Never Use Abusing words on any of your post because firstly she check your Timeline.....

#5If she likes and comments on your mutual friend’s status or photo, yes you are right, do the same!!

#6Tagging : Ask your mutual friends to tag yourself and that girl in a status or photo. Involve in a discussion and that’s a great way to introduce yourself.

#6Share Your Statues: Ask your mutual friends to share your statuses and links.They might be seen by her and your name gets familiar.

#7 Suggestion : Ask your mutual friends to suggest you to her. Like recommending you to her. Works most of the time.

#8 Pages and Groups : Now go to her profile and like all the pages. Also join all the groups in which she is a member. Be active in all those pages and groups. Now try to involve her in some discussion.

#9 Create a Page : If she loves “Harry Potter”, create a page for it.Let it flow in and around. You can automatically talk/chat with her by updating a awesome status regarding Harry Potter!

#11 – Analyze Her Statuses : Just to be familiar with her likings and stuffs.

#12 – Is she a blogger? Then read all her articles. Ok, not all but some of the finest articles and comment there using your Facebook profile URL. Meanwhile, share her articles on Twitter and other networks.They love it! 

#13 Videos and Photos: If she is a fan of Sachin Tendulkar or Aishwarya Rai, then upload all their photos and videos in your profile. Make sure they go viral!!

#14Add A Personal Message: Now you need to be clear and specific about your intention of giving her a friend request. Make it short and sweet, but yet sensitive. Honestly I hate when people who give friend requests stating, “You look damn beautiful” or “You look like Megan Fox”. Girls do love these compliments, but they simply smile and decline your request! Piss!

#15 No Response From Her: Common fact, Some girls don’t add people quickly. Especially the male gender. They love to keep them in Pending state.So you can use Send a message option and tell her. Just use the personal message you gave earlier or discuss about any article she wrote.

These are some funny yet workable things to make girls accept Facebook friend requests but seriously if you want to know a girl, don’t stalk her online, get to be her friend offline and we don’t have any article regarding that yet. 

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