Body Language Says About Pesonality

Body Language Says About Pesonality

Are you a sucker for a set of dazzling eyes? Well, you are not alone. Ask most girls, and they will confess body language of the eyes is what they find most attractive in a guy. Whether the body language of the eyes is warm and innocent or dark and sultry, mysterious and exciting or friendly and beckoning, it is his eyes that have the ability to leave us weak at the knees. When you gaze into a boy's eyes, you are subconsciously making a judgment about what he is like.Is he trustworthy? Intelligent? Generous? Trouble? Is it true that a person's body language of the eyes are the window into his soul?

guys have Brown Eyes

The personality traits most associated with brown eyes are intelligence, trustworthiness, and kindness. Brown-eyed guys are said to have good communication skills. They are capable of deep and passionate love, and, like puppy dogs, can be loyal, lifelong companions.

Blue Eyed Boys

Blue eyed guys exude sweetness, sexiness, and kindness. They tend to be individualistic and stand out in the crowd. Very often talented, they are good at keeping secrets. Baby blues say be gentle with me,letting you know they need tons of reassurance.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are said to indicate the suspicious type, a guy who never believes anything till it's proven. Although he's smart and is a hard worker, he might be easily bored.

Green Eyes

If the guy you are interested in has green eyes, be aware that he probably tends to become deeply involved in everything he does. His traits are associated with sexiness, creativity, and jealousy. It's not just the size, shape, and color of his eyes that's important, it's what he does with them. Does he make eye contact? Research reveals that people look at each other 30–60% of the time while talking. If he's looking directly into your eyes more than 60% of the time, he's probably more interested in you than what you have to say. If he's constantly glancing around the room, he's letting you know he's checking to see if there's someone else he'd rather talk to. If he blinks a lot, he's unsure of himself; if he's constantly looking down, he may be shy or hiding
something. A guy who is paying particular attention to your legs or breasts has sex on his mind. And one who is checking himself out when he passes a mirror is often more interested in himself than anyone else.

But this information is more about entertaining you than it is a road map to success with boys. Nothing is as important as going with your gut and relying on your intuition. If you look into a boy's eyes and you're filled with warmth, chances are you've connected with someone compassionate and kind. If you look into emptiness, beware. There may be too many issues behind his eyes to get involved.

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